Monday, 9 February 2009

Bruce Schwoegler

Atmospheric scientist Bruce Schwoegler, former U.S. Navy meteorologist and Boston broadcast meteorologist, rejected man-made climate fears.

List cites a letter to the list creators.

Arguments condensed
  • "significant global warming is a concern"
  • "there is a likely relationship between human induced impacts and climate change"
  • It's all too complicated!

"But has anyone truly ascertained the scope, depth and outcome in our planetary system which is rife with natural checks and balances? Quantifying them and resultant interactions remains mostly a game of my theory versus yours"


I added this one for variation. It is a position of 'we don't know enough to conclude anything'. This position is in contradiction of the position of skeptics who claim to know that warming is not due to greenhouse effect enhancement (such as the EPW he is writing to for example...). He also mentions significant global warming as a concern, at odds with skeptics who have the position that warming is beneficial (although this depends on what "significant" is).

trivia: I hit my first duplicate just now. I almost started doing John L. Casey again, fortunately I got deja-vu just in time.

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  1. Jan. 13, 2011, on Emily Rooney's television show on WGBH Boston, Bruce made his position very clear. To paraphrase - there is global warming, but he believes that it is due to natural variation. He explicitly called himself a skeptic.