Sunday, 22 February 2009

Ernst-Georg Beck

German scientist Ernst-Georg Beck, a biologist, authored a February 2007 paper entitled 180 Years of Atmospheric C02 Analysis by Chemical Methods that found
levels of atmospheric CO2 levels were not measured correctly

A paper published to the Journal "Energy and Environment":

There are also other statements made on the same website, eg: [ref1] [ref2]

Arguments Condensed
  • Atmospheric co2 level was higher in the early 20th century
  • Ice core co2 histories are wrong
  • Scientific conspiracy
  • Human co2 is a tiny % of co2 emissions (2)
  • Ocean acidification is of no concern (3)


  • There's a gold mine of claims on that site, just about every claim under the sun can be found.
  • In the PDF above he compares co2 concentrations with temperature of antarctica over 200 years and concludes "there is no connection"
  • (2) [ref2] "A reduction of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions by 1% means 26GT/year instead of about 29 GT CO2/year (= 3% of the whole natural CO2 emissions). The 26,7% are still negligible compared to the natural emissions of oceans and biomass."
  • (3) [ref2] "A pH-range of sea water of 8,2-7,7 is a normal range and was still measured during the warm period since 1920 and 1930 [4]. A pH higher than 7 is still alkaline."


  1. Beck is not a scientist, he is a retired high school teacher (Gymnasium) for biology and physics from Freiburg. You can find out about his vita by browsing his Website.

  2. Google Scholar actually lists E&E papers, rather generously. If you search for "author:eg-beck" you get stuff from someone else in the 70s, so use "recent" to limit it to results since 1990.
    This E-G Beck evidently got a second paper published in E&E as well:
    "50 Years of Continuous Measurement of CO2 on Mauna Loa", EG Beck - Energy & Environment, 2008. Most paradoxically, Google Scholar lists this as a citation, yet scores it as having zero cites. Oh well.
    The "180 years" paper has some 18 citations, nine omitting the word "atmospheric" and one getting the # of years wrong as 150.
    Citers include Vince Gray, Fred Singer, JM Kauffman, TF Goldberg, DPJ Ebel, Bob Carter, Z. Jaworowski, LCM Molion (in Portuguese), and a Lyndon LaRouche publication possibly by someone named Wieden.
    It cites a remarkable source, the same title in German, with both a publication date and the notation "to be published":
    Beck E.-G. (2006) 180 Jahre praezise CO2-Gasanalyse der Luft anhand chemischer
    Methoden, pp. 1-106. to be published.
    Beck's basic idea seems to be that CO2 has fluctuated wildly over the past 180 years, based on some high readings from early (and presumably less accurate) chemical measurements. He dismisses as completely wrong the ice core records of millenia of stable levels followed by a smooth, gradual then accelerating rise as the industrial revolution kicked in.