Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Dr. Christopher L. Castro

note: as far as updates go, lets mark January down as a bad month

Dr. Christopher L. Castro, a Professor of the Department of Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Arizona

List cites a blog post and a news article
The blog post links through to a series of lectures (some of these are not available..I suspect they will be available nearer the specified date. It would be particularly interesting to see the contents of the global warming ones)

Also there are some presentations here:

The P-10 contains some interesting info

Arguments Condensed:
  • Accepts manmade global warming
  • Regional climate modeller
  • Global circulation models are inaccurate at regional scale
  • Shouldn't be on the list


The reason for the "Shouldn't be on the list" tag is there is no indication he doesn't accept GCM results. His arguments concern their ability (or lack of) to be accurate at the regional level.


  • "I believe the balance of evidence from the paleoclimate record, recent climate history (particularly since the 1980s), and the anthropogenic attribution GCM experiments (e.g., Meehl et al. type studies) support the conclusion that recent climate change is due, in part, to anthropogenic forcing."

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