Sunday, 14 December 2008

Dr. Cal Evans

Oxford-educated Geochemist Dr. Cal Evans, a prominent researcher who has advised the Alberta Research Council, the Natural Sciences, and Engineering Research Council of Canada, and who is affiliated with the Calgary-based group Friends of Science

This is the article the list cites:

Arguments condensed:


  • Accepts many glaciers are melting
  • Accepts the co2 rise since the industrial revolution, although preindustrial figure slightly wrong, and says ocean warming is the cause "at least in part" of the co2 rise.
  • Accepts that sunspot activity on its own cannot account for the full swings in global temperature (although confusingly the article cites Habibullo Abdussamatov as claiming evidence that "current global warming on both Mars and Earth is being caused by a long-term increase in solar irradiation")


"The slight increase in ground temperature has no parallel in the troposphere. If atmospheric CO2 concentration was actually a significant factor in global warming, it stands to reason that atmospheric temperatures would rise but that hasn't happened."

"To date, no one has been able to identify a link between higher CO2 concentrations and greater volumes of atmospheric water vapour"

BIO info:

(this is from the article, unfortunately I can find no other references at this time)

-former head of Esso's research arm
-appointed executive vice-president of Canada's largest upstream petroleum producer in 1980
-worked for Pemoco Ltd, "Oil And Gas Field Services"

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