Saturday, 13 December 2008

Richard Mourdock

"Geologist Richard Mourdock, a licensed professional geologist and former field geologist who now serves as an environmental and energy consultant"

The list cites this news article:

Only a small part of it contains Richard Mourdock's comments on global warming.

Arguments condensed:


  • "Mourdock explained that humans aren't the cause of global warming and that it's something bigger in the universe, such as the sun."
  • "Global caps in the last 15 years receded until last year on Mars, but what do we have in common with Mars? Last time I checked, only the sun."
  • "With a graduate degree in geology, Mourdock said his studies have convinced him that global warming is not happening."
BIO info:

  • MSc in Geology, 1975
  • BSc in Natural Systems (combined degree in Biology, Geology, and Chemistry), 1973

He graduated in 1975 after which he moved through various roles:

  • Field geologist with a coal company.
  • Senior Geologist with an oil company.
  • Vice President of a coal company.
  • President of a coal mining subsidiary.
  • "2001 to present", "Self-employed as a private consultant in the environmental and energy businesses"

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